SB-240 Mid Size Single 40″ Belt Checkout


SB-240 | Mid Size Single 40″ Belt Checkout

Designed for medium order volumes; the SB-240 utilizes a mid sized 40″ front belt system, combined with scanner, bagwell and endbag modules. Requiring only 115″ in total length; SB-240 incorporates a slimline 33″ rear bag section to allow for compact installations.

Standard Features:

  • One Cash Stand with Locking Drawer
  • Security Cash Stand Panel
  • Durable Corlon Top Surface
  • High Pressure Plastic Laminate Exterior available in any style or color
  • High Pressure Plastic Laminate Black Base
  • Laminate Interior to Match
  • 2 Ply PVC Endless Black Belt
  • Belt Clean Out Tray
  • Automatic Electric Eye Belt System
  • Manual Hip Switch to Active Belt System
  • Certified to CSA and ANSI/UL Standards
  • 34″ High Working Deck Surface
  • Bag Well with Flip Lip Pull Up Shelf
  • Heavy Duty Exterior Bumpers on Upper Panels
  • Heavy Duty ABS Bumpers on Lower Checkout
  • Aluminum Angles Applied to all Exposed Corners
  • Exterior Edges Wrapped in Durable Black T-Molding
  • Product Diverter Bar
  • Cheque Writing Shelf
  • Grocery Divider Rails
  • One Year Warranty Parts & Labour

csalogo sfcheckoutisometric_sb-240 untitled PDF download SB-240 schematics